Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sweet Memory

Bokeh! by rachywhoo.

You do remind me who I am,
you realized me what I'll become, 
if I stay like this,
in the corner, with no sound, no hope, no glory.

You're on your knees, 
crawling towards me, with your guitar, sitting next to me,
your fingers, plays the melody,
you whisper your lyric to my ears,
sounds like heaven.

You whisper your dreams, your future,
your will, your happy days, your memories,
everything you pour, sounds so sweet,
touch my heart, touch my heart.

With all of your dreamy dreams like that, 
I asked my self, how could you fall in this empty human in me?
(Deep desperate in my heart, touch it, change me)

Again, you doesn't stop giving me hope, trough your melodies,
even without lyric, it touched my heard,
hold these tears so it won't come out


the melody's stopped...
it feels tender and soft.
This will be my first sweet memory.


I will check and reply to all your comments, loves ♥