Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm empty

Monochrome by daruma*.

Makes me wonder
how it feels like.
I pray every night
asking for the right one.

Everybody seems so happy
stressed at the same time.
They have something to wait for
something they don't know, bad or good.

But, their life's colored,
pink, red, blue, yellow, green, purple..
I'm still the same as I was,
black and white everywhere..

They said to me to not waste my time,
they didn't knew how I like my days,
until someday, they break, no empty space to color,
and I.. still have mine

Friday, January 1, 2010

The secrets

It's like a feather, blown away cause of winds
I go, without knowing direction, wandering
What's going on in my mind they ask
Through the air or through the land

Voices that calling me,
smothering me, asking me to come back. 
Hands that holding me,
somehow getting weaker

I'll put through my life for searching
some of them say it's not worth it,
but I do the best for it,
to find, the truth, to know the secrets.

Then, I go, again, wandering,
through the time limits, 
now I found the secrets, that no one knew,
I just wish to be vanish, so I can be the only who know.