Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dreams and Soul

As you can see,
I am fading,
I can't feel what I feel anymore,
I don't know the reason for sure,
cool air does drag me,
from the inside, making a big hole,
a black hole,
sucking my soul right away.

Now I'm empty,
as you notice the difference,
time's ticking without moving,
water dripping without flows,

wind blow, without air,
out of everyone's mind, I know,
doesn't make any sense for sure,
and if you know, that's the point.

I come and go,
and I just realize,
I'm nothing without dreams and soul,
I'm only a piece of meat, named that move around,
without dreams or soul..
I'm empty


  1. ok... so apparently you update this blog more often than the other one?
    great writing dear!


  2. Atm, yeah :[ I don't have many time for making new arts, I do some, but all of them still on delay, school give tests like hell here D:

    Thank you! <3


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