Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dreams and Soul

As you can see,
I am fading,
I can't feel what I feel anymore,
I don't know the reason for sure,
cool air does drag me,
from the inside, making a big hole,
a black hole,
sucking my soul right away.

Now I'm empty,
as you notice the difference,
time's ticking without moving,
water dripping without flows,

wind blow, without air,
out of everyone's mind, I know,
doesn't make any sense for sure,
and if you know, that's the point.

I come and go,
and I just realize,
I'm nothing without dreams and soul,
I'm only a piece of meat, named that move around,
without dreams or soul..
I'm empty

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nighty lull

For the gone past, I rhyme
I went deeper for this heart will
hard I try to pacify
it's all for you to heal

I framed the crime you did
not to me nor you, but to the world
dreamed wishes that is untrue
in the dark I remember the past,
as a lull..

I love rain

Dark clouds, sound of heavy winds..
This day, the day I've pray from yesterday, has come.
Drips of water falls, running through my head, cheek, chin, slowly.
People's chattering, increasing their steps, while I try to decrease mine.
Dark, the pretty collage of shallow moons from above, moving faster and faster.
The smell of wet ground which I love, reminds me of you.
Wet and dirty jeans.
With bare feet I step on your grass, where you don't allow it, actually.
But I dare myself, for this time, cause this is my time, where I can do what I want and fail like I want, cause I know the rain will go through my heart too, erase all my guilt, regrets and wash my broken heart off.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Drown me to your love babe,
even it's only one second.
Draw me to your heart,
you won't whine cause the pain.
Think it's a dream,
while your eyes open.
Can you now get what I feel?
Yes, a heart that pinned,
hanging half way out,
painful, but I'm strong,
don't have any excuse for what I've done,
what's done, is a memory.

Drown me, love me,
don't whine, no excuse,
I exist I told you, to be love,
the truth don't say it, but I know..

drown me

Falling questions

It's you there when I close my eyes,
I choose to stand here where I am,
so don't you move alright,
I imagine that you haven't ran.

While the fall is in the air,
I clap my hands so you don't scare,
of this beauty of this image,
stop the time, only cause this age.

Is it late to say goodbye?
Is it to early to say hello?
Do now I have to cry?
Are you the one that I should follow?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Messed up

This is how the story begin,
it's ended right when it's started, again.
Uncounted actions that fail,
wish the moon to go away and sail.

How impossible, they said,
when the time know where they should run,
instead of always being fade,
and then I run, try to catch up the fun.

No worries, tear that drips,
will go as long as the magic's come.
It comes, it goes, it flips,
when you know, you couldn't calm.

Y o u r   m i n d . . .

Messed up, messed up,
tryin' to jump, high up to the sky,
reach out something that possible, o' please don't cry,

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The shadows

Now the flowers are filling my head.
Ever one time they aren't there, the shadows still remains,
and make stains.

Try to peel 'em up,
erase them,
with curiosity..will it remove completely?

The shadows, the shadows,
haunt my days... I can only smile

It's over

Lil' Sad Clown by Aihibed.

Dreamy days have past,
the one we started with smile, heart beat and hope.

We past it with tiring days.
Hope falls along the way,
as long with the tears.

Shouts and forgiveness we've given are meaningless now.
Now, this day.

We ended with claps and thanks,
the big love came between us,
Filling some holes in our hearts.

This one free day,
may give us the new hope and way.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hidden happiness

If you're lucky enough, you can find your happiness, right behind that sunshine.

It needs more than sacrifice to get there, fight for it!

Thank you

Thank you for giving me this change.
This change, that comes only once in my life.
I hope this last, not forever,
at least.. until I loose my breath.

Thank you for the opportunity, for your time.
I owe you a big one for this.

Thank you for not letting me down,
even in a second.

Thank you for keeping this feeling,
for trying hard to feel it.

Thank you, for not changing mind,
I know that's the hard part.

Thank you for shut up and reading this, 
means a lot to me.

Thank you, thank you, ....
I don't know any word to express my gratitude. 

Thank you