Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A human definition


what do people praise, above them all, are usually their own kinds
not Gods nor Goddess, not them with no power nor rights
the puny and poor human, with their common sense upside down

they thought the see the bare things, while eyes are too heavy to open
they insist that they hear the truth, while ears are tight shut
they sure they speak the right things, while throat are covered by filth they speak

what do we know? the truth?
where is the truth? is there any truth out there?

we act like we're smart whereas this brain's only a completer of our body
deny, distrust each other
try to find some eligible things to exchange
then keep what is actually we don't need
we steal from each other, and no
we don't share, we never share

and a last, we disappear under self proud, satisfied

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Unspoken goodbye

when you are already at the end of the road
wind pass by, just like that, doesn't care 
and when you try to see clearly, the people you know
who are you thought the place you can rely on, leaving you
the pain that doesn't carried, feels like it fell on you

when your throat feels numb and your lips are dry
can't even scream for help, such a pain
they're leaving, they're leaving, they're leaving
nothing you can do
is it so hard to say goodbye?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A love messenger

55/365 - Sending All My Loving to You by nicky.reynolds.

knock, knock, I'm a messenger, a love messenger
I'm sneaking in, to see you
sprinkle the love that I should send to you
long time no see, it's been a while
should I wake you up?
Or perhaps, kiss you to wake you up, like the fairytale we used to read
I wonder, do you miss me?
Do you even think of me? Remember me?
it's okay, I'm on my way out,
in the dark, I step on a paper,
'....can't find a word what to say to you, I'm sorry, it's been a while since we're met and talk to each other, it's been a while since we read our book, it's been a whi....'
can't endure my tears, my trembling hands, 
my legs turn direction, to a sleeping angel right there,
I don't have time to wake you up and ask for a permission to kiss you

; )