Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seven years

Seven years,
Seven years of happy days -
Seven years of prays

Seven years of broken heart -
Seven years sitting in the dark
Seven years of secrets -
Seven years in inverts
Seven years of alerts -
Seven years of being a coward
Seven years of lies, denial -
Seven years of admire

counting.. and still counting,
day by day, went off, with nothing,
from the first time, you, I saw,
sadness and happiness comes right away,
in the same spot, same time,
you know how painful it is?

it's been seven years,
my fault for being a coward,
my fault of being too shy,
hard to step  closer, even just only one step, closer

now, your smiles mesmerize me
your smell wake my senses up
you step never fails my eyes to glance at you

I wonder, how happy to be her.
I feel sorry for my self,
I apologize to my self, for being like this, for this last seven years.



Today, I was empty,
but you filled me,
again and again, without knowing you are.

I might be normal outside,
but, inside, I was smiling of joy, love.

Thank you, you made my day

Saturday, October 24, 2009


'As if I go as a dream, will you fight for me?
As if I stay as love, will you keep me?'

Those word's always in my head,
what you told me, when we were a little kids.
Bring back the memories, back,
this mind is giving me peace.

Now I've packed my backpack, filled with missing feelings,
I mark my book, your last quote,
I sit in my cart, nicely,
close my eyes, dark,
you know what?
I can see you, in my head.

Wait for me, I'm coming!


Every time, every seconds,
time's wasted.
It wouldn't froze,
nor created.

You can't go back,
it won't rewind.
Give me your hands,
fold them and bind.

Keep it like that,
the world race, against you,
forget what past,
I'll move with you.

Clever girl

'But not every guy with beard and glasses have a girl behind.'


I don't care

'Some says you don't belong to me, 
like I care.'

Thursday, October 22, 2009


My name is .... would you be my friend?

I am a dreamer.. like the other thousands people in the world,
I love my life, I love my friends, I love my family,
I love my dog, I love my camera, I love music,
I love games, I love pretty little thing...

Sorry, did I talk too much?


It's weird, I never talk this much before,
I guess you are the one.

You're beautiful AMABILE...a beautiful lady... by (: Petra :) travelling.

"Hang on there my love, you can do it."

Even it's impossible,
it's worth to try.
And when you see the light,
don't close your eye.

Maybe it's blinding,
or maybe it's painful.
But inside, it's beautiful,
even when you see it crying.

Hello my dear,
should we meet once again?
With more open heart,
and eyes wide open.

Yes, don't worry, I can see you, you're beautiful.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You're gone

What's in your head is a lie
what's in our mind is fake.
You told me to be passion
you gave me temptation.

I've waited, for so long
I could swam in my own tears
I never knew to whom I belong
shuts my eyes cause of these fears

Now you're gone

you're now only a memory

Monday, October 19, 2009


Reminds me if this is a reality, not a dream.
Sometimes I just jump, without knowing or thinking where to land.
Sometime I fly and forgot how to descent.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


LOVE by Little Nora.

Random people and friends giving love definitions ♥

You know when people die? ...Yeah that's not love.

Love is internal bleeding and satin lingerie

Love can't be controlled nor can it be forced.
Love can't be questioned and love is desperate.
I want you. I need you.
Makes me smile, makes me laugh.
Makes me sad, makes me cry.
I want you, but I can't have you.
Because you're with someone else when in the past you were with me.
I didn't love you then, I didn't love you before.
But I love you now, when you're far away and gone.
I lost my chance and now I want to start over.
You're back in my life, and now I don't know how to live.
You're back in my life now, and I no longer know how to live.
There are no butterflies in my stomach like when I first met you so many years ago.
Now all I feel is the pain.
You return to me now after so many years.
I want it to be the same.
But it's not. You said to start over.
I said to stop. You can't love me.
But I lied.
I do love you.
Now. -Ash


Love (and sustaining a successful marriage) is a lot like eating an orange.


A set of emotions involving an attraction to other beings,
that has various psychological and biochemical mechanisms but mainly originates
in our reproductive instinct.

What Is Love is a 1993 dance track by the singer Haddaway, popular with club DJs.


Love is being able to hate and adore at the same time.

Love is a Beatles remix album.


Love is a burning thing, and it makes a fiery ring.


Love is found in the dictionary under L in between lout and low.


Love is a load of fucking bullshit, and anyone who mentions it in here deserves to be shot.
In the knees and elbows.


A chemical reaction in the brain.


Two people get interested in each other's personalities/physical appearances.
They hit it off, fuck each other madly and wildly, get disinterested and leave each other.


Love is definitely the strongest thing on earth! -Rachmat L


A vagina and a heartbeat.

Something that will last no matter what. -Melisa H

Love is to take and to give. A "Need" to take and to give (share) with another human,
because when we make someone happy we'll feel happier.
And it doesn't have to be in romantic way, even the simplest form of love
(like offer drink to someone, or smile back to someone smiling at you) is "love". - flutist


Love is an illusion created by selfishness in order to find another person tolerable and attractive.


Love is a secondary emotion people have created. People were made for reproduction,
but later in life the idea of love came along.
Thus sexuality came more into the picture as well.
It's basically something people attatch to in hopes of feeling cared for and important.


I'm lucky, I'm numb, I can't feel my pain.
So ironic,
I can't stop hear your painful whispers.

I try to tell you the truth,
but I keep shouting my lie, that we hate each other.
I can't stand looking at your face,
reminds me of our lovely past that... past.
Now I keep telling myself I'm hating you,
so these tears won't come out,
nothing stop me,
cause my pain doesn't alert me,
I'm numb

I'm numb..

Don't Be Scare

When you know there are hopes,
and you have faith.
When you believe magic happens,
and you know there must be solves behind every problems..

Why are you scare?

Friday, October 16, 2009


"There's one time that they become frozen,
hidden, behind the fog.
They made me live, they made me up and down,
and they're hanging in the space,
waiting for the truth comes, once again"

My Mind

Where I regrets myself,
where I cries because of you,
where I keep my little secrets,
where I have nightmares,
where I rest my body,
where you aren't there,

so I can keep you in my head, and missing you,
nights and days.