Wednesday, December 9, 2009


My friend, it's been a long journey.
Remember how we got until that day?
Do you remember how's the first we got along? Become a good friends?
Are those beautiful and painful days and moments still remain in your head?
Did you enjoyed the days we've been trough together?

We've talked much about family, friendship and dreams.
You helped me a lot trough the way, and so do I, if you feel like you've been helped, of course.
We've sang a never ending song, with a deaf tones and beautiful lyrics.
Do you ever regret all those time you spent with me?

I don't like I've been in a hard time with you, but if you do, forgive me.
If there's something I can do to make it up, I will, tell me.

But, like everybody said, it's hard to make a best friend, a true friend.
Looks the line's fading slowly, and vanish.
Woosh! Just like that.
Can you feel it? I tried to get along with you one more time.
You were there, with your .. 'friends', I was there too. But this time, I'm invisible to you.
I was a stranger, you wouldn't look at me. I wonder what were you thinking that day.
I really wonder..

I hope you notice, I cross my finger and pray.
I hope the nightmares I've used to get, isn't true.

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  1. sweet.



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