Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A ripped poem

I'm saving it, it's hidden.
I'm treasuring it, it's save.
No one will be given.
Until it'll forced to take.

Some of the lost pain are inside.
While the rest still undercover.
When you still want it to be divide.
I'll take a luck from my clover.

My friend, it's all about you.
The paths you've walked, it's behind you.
I know what's the most of you is true.
I'm so sorry when I feel the most of blue.

You gave me the inspire.
Hold me up high, high up to the sky.
You hold my hands, take me out of my grave.
And then I finally realized, of my dreams and how to fight.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Days

Peaceful Winter Morning by *sido*.

When the new day has born, let me tell you the secret.
When The December come, let me tell you about it.
When the end is as a start of a something new, you'll know.

Struggles, anger, sadness and tears are past.

Will define something better in the future,
will struggles for good things and hopes,
will pour my anger to lightening up the others,
will cry and give my tear.. only for joy and happiness.

Seeing the days behind us, will only detain on what we do.

Don't just sit and give up to destiny, you never know if it's really exist or don't,
don't just fold your fingers and pray like there's o tomorrow.
Stand up and fight for the new days, that's the only thing you can do to pass them.

New days, are reborn

with new hopes..

 -it will be my birthday at the 21st  ♥-

Wednesday, December 9, 2009



My friend, it's been a long journey.
Remember how we got until that day?
Do you remember how's the first we got along? Become a good friends?
Are those beautiful and painful days and moments still remain in your head?
Did you enjoyed the days we've been trough together?

We've talked much about family, friendship and dreams.
You helped me a lot trough the way, and so do I, if you feel like you've been helped, of course.
We've sang a never ending song, with a deaf tones and beautiful lyrics.
Do you ever regret all those time you spent with me?

I don't like I've been in a hard time with you, but if you do, forgive me.
If there's something I can do to make it up, I will, tell me.

But, like everybody said, it's hard to make a best friend, a true friend.
Looks the line's fading slowly, and vanish.
Woosh! Just like that.
Can you feel it? I tried to get along with you one more time.
You were there, with your .. 'friends', I was there too. But this time, I'm invisible to you.
I was a stranger, you wouldn't look at me. I wonder what were you thinking that day.
I really wonder..

I hope you notice, I cross my finger and pray.
I hope the nightmares I've used to get, isn't true.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unfinished letter

* by *setsuna. 

This is it, the start of autumn, which ended our friendship.
I used to see your smile everyday, you were there in the middle seat,
cheering like crazy, made me happy.

I can always only see you from the distance. Everything, ever moments you do,
was so important to me. Maybe this fear or this puny courage which holds me back.
I wasn't ever try until....

Wondering how she felt when you touch her palms, smiling to her only, your world seemed 
focused to her now. I was gazing trough the window until you called my name,
you know what, you almost made me fall of my chair, haha.. I couldn't see your face back then,
I was too nervous I think. I didn't say anything, I couldn't hear what you were asking me,
all I felt was my tears, fell of.

I'm sorry, I started like this, it's just like something stuck in your mind and you don't know how to 
get them out. I just want to apologize. Now we're adults, and..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sweet Memory

Bokeh! by rachywhoo.

You do remind me who I am,
you realized me what I'll become, 
if I stay like this,
in the corner, with no sound, no hope, no glory.

You're on your knees, 
crawling towards me, with your guitar, sitting next to me,
your fingers, plays the melody,
you whisper your lyric to my ears,
sounds like heaven.

You whisper your dreams, your future,
your will, your happy days, your memories,
everything you pour, sounds so sweet,
touch my heart, touch my heart.

With all of your dreamy dreams like that, 
I asked my self, how could you fall in this empty human in me?
(Deep desperate in my heart, touch it, change me)

Again, you doesn't stop giving me hope, trough your melodies,
even without lyric, it touched my heard,
hold these tears so it won't come out


the melody's stopped...
it feels tender and soft.
This will be my first sweet memory.