Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Days

Peaceful Winter Morning by *sido*.

When the new day has born, let me tell you the secret.
When The December come, let me tell you about it.
When the end is as a start of a something new, you'll know.

Struggles, anger, sadness and tears are past.

Will define something better in the future,
will struggles for good things and hopes,
will pour my anger to lightening up the others,
will cry and give my tear.. only for joy and happiness.

Seeing the days behind us, will only detain on what we do.

Don't just sit and give up to destiny, you never know if it's really exist or don't,
don't just fold your fingers and pray like there's o tomorrow.
Stand up and fight for the new days, that's the only thing you can do to pass them.

New days, are reborn

with new hopes..

 -it will be my birthday at the 21st  ♥-


I will check and reply to all your comments, loves ♥