Saturday, April 17, 2010

When I'm not there

With You by sato sugar.

While I'm here
standing right behind you
with my palms against your back
waiting for the right time
to catch you when you fall
to push you when you get to far behind

Now, you know me
as a person that gives her live away
sweeping a thousand smiles, just like that

I'm up here now
wishing you a happiness and luck
wishing that you won't fall or left
even when I'm not around

I can see the world are giving me signs
when you're glancing at me
tears that can't be held when you whisper your prays
in your room, crying secretly
feel numb outside and pain inside, alone

When I'm not there.. when I'm not your side...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Old days

Holding on by algo.

Every seconds, minutes, hours you past
every moment, and emotions
everything you say
every little thing you do
they are what you are  made of
peeled aside the reality 
leave nothing, but pain

When the sorrow comes
and you're lack of balance
no one to embrace, no one give a damn
you're crying, behind your sleeves
the restless youth
your, restless youth, been wasted

No turning back
regrets are all over you
only resignation and hope left
give it your all
even when others are starting to step
no hard feeling
no envy

Hold tight, and step forward


orange by wecand.

When you got things in your mind
and you wonder how to get it out,
would you spend your time
and spit it out to me?

I keep looking for the right time,
till the moon comes out
and time freeze me
I got goosebumps, and my feeling's not well

I plead to nothing, 
I tell stories to the wind,
feels so empty,
nobody around, again..

keeping my imaginary friend by my side,
no warmth, no comfort, no satisfaction
without you, without you,
I keep telling it's okay, 
without you around..

Until now, you never know
it's a lie.