Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Hello

old sunshine

It's today, the day where we're waiting for
the time where you got to let me go, free
every preparations that I've been through
this is the time when  I pay it back

Stepping on the cold floor, bare feet
I see the sun peeks out of the curiosity from my window
smells of toasts from downstairs
I glare my suitcases a little, and go down

Good morning world, here I am
ready to fight my dream and make my own destiny, history
even if this is a goodbye for you, it's a new hello for the new me
no more stumbling on the old things
here's my new opportunity, it comes and goes, and give me changes, 
one more time

Hours ticking, the loves send me to the place where I could go
hands are waving, tears dropping to their cheeks,
as I walk, I smile, thinking of the new page I'll turn
no doubt I place my mind and heart to the new place

unfamiliar and cold, 
but I'm sure as the time goes by, 
it'll get warmer in no time

I got the inspiration from my sister.


  1. situsnya simpel yah
    tapi oke,
    apalagi ketika liat profile ternyata suka juga ama laruku, gackt, ALi project
    Gue juga sukaaaaaaa ma mereka and other japanese artist....

  2. Thank you guys! :]

    @Fauzi iya, sengaja dibikin simpel haha..
    asiik~ bagus" xD


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