Friday, July 16, 2010

False Move

there is a story about this girl, full of dreams and passions..
about how she falls without dropping her tears
about how she gets separated from the social and still strong
all about her strengths inside her

she makes people around her happy and satisfy
that goes on in her mind were like a fantasy, it was a magic

as she were stumbled and kneel
there where she founds Adam's breed
and the chemical things in her body started to dance, like crazy
afraid of getting rejected, the boundaries are coming
bound the dreams, the future

pretending to be strong
she falls, again
laughter comes and goes
cheapen glares from the corners
black shadows swallowed her pride
now her world slowly turns upside down 
the world making fun of her

she's now crossing her fingers and start to pray..
wish, the world revolved backwards  

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