Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seven years

Seven years,
Seven years of happy days -
Seven years of prays

Seven years of broken heart -
Seven years sitting in the dark
Seven years of secrets -
Seven years in inverts
Seven years of alerts -
Seven years of being a coward
Seven years of lies, denial -
Seven years of admire

counting.. and still counting,
day by day, went off, with nothing,
from the first time, you, I saw,
sadness and happiness comes right away,
in the same spot, same time,
you know how painful it is?

it's been seven years,
my fault for being a coward,
my fault of being too shy,
hard to step  closer, even just only one step, closer

now, your smiles mesmerize me
your smell wake my senses up
you step never fails my eyes to glance at you

I wonder, how happy to be her.
I feel sorry for my self,
I apologize to my self, for being like this, for this last seven years.

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