Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alpha and Omega

Despite the horror of today, I'm a new man, a new beginning, a new alpha
longing of the past rings me up, as an alarm for a new day
dream of something beautiful never hurts
ask for more, give all yours, bring all the fresh things

Until now, I'm standing here, alone
looking upon the people around me
how they act, how they speak, how they think, how they see the different things
acceptance and the denies, that's all what they can pick
some heart are closed, tight closed
well, some are opened, the happiness are spread between 

It's been too long to look on others 
I'm getting tired, I closed my eyes
my grip's catching a mirror
here I go, seeing my own reflection now
try to understand what's in me, myself
trying to finish things on my own
trying to be my own omega

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  1. Salam Kenal dariku, nice artikel :D Sekalian mau bilang Met Puasa bagi yang puasa. Met sejahtera bagi yang gak njalanin. Semoga selamat & damai dimuka Bumi. Amin :D


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