Monday, May 24, 2010

A normal condition

Protesting Iraq War. Day 1: Thursday, Sept. 28, 2006 by Robin Dude.

Walking in a wet road,
I can see my footprints behind me,
in bloods
the shouts in my heads, screams, cries, so loud, I couldn't control them by myself
pass by old memories of this soil
flashbacks come and go
children cries, no ideas what the hell happen
teenager cries, try to defend their loves
adults cries, on their knees, begging to the abstract heart, so cold

Grey clouds coming, all eyes are open
they see what they used not to see,
try to control their courage,
thinking about to embrace all the weak one,
and fly away

Let the wings that used to be broken heal
let the wings that used to be dirty, shaken so the dirts are all gone
white and healthy, like it used to be
like it used to be
let the peace be over the war
like it used to be

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